Aerial Repairs

Aerials do sometimes become damaged, or, parts of the aerial become corroded due to weathering. The aerial then needs to be repaired, or, replaced. Aerials are made of metal, steel or aluminium generally. Metal aerial masts tend to last less long as they will rust over time. Aluminium masts are pretty much weather proof and are ligher. The other big advantage of aluminium is that is does not rust.

Often an aluminium tv aerial installation will have a metal bracket, or a metal clamp holding the aerial to the aerial mast. It is often these things that become faulty.

It is often easy to see if your aerial needs repairing.

How Can You Tell If Your Aerial Needs Repairing

Is the aerial facing the wrong way?

This is a very easy repair, turn the aerial around, maybe no actual repair needed. Get the ladders up and tighten up the aerial brackets.

Is the aerial reception suddenly really poor?

As aerial repairs go, we would rather have an aerial reception become drastically poor quickly, than slowly become poor over time. The main reason is that it is likely to be a much easier aerial fault/repair to track.

Does the aerial cable need repairing due to weather damage, ie water?

A common thing for old aerial cables is that they crack over time. The better quality cable is less likely to crack. This is mainly due to the sun baking the cable and also water getting in to the cable and freezing. The thawing again and freezing…and so the cycle carries on, leaving you with every deteriorating TV reception!

Water is coming down my aerial cable!

There can be various things causing this. 1 of these we have outlined above as water/sun damage. The other quite common issue is water getting into the cap of the aerial itself. This does not apply so much for aerials designed for digital as this tends not to happen with aerials fitted with a balun. The older contract type TV aerials though it does apply to. These aerials have a round ‘bowl like’ cap on top. Nearly always, assuming the aerial has been installed correctly, this is due to either weather damage on the top of the cap or, believe it or not, birds sometimes peck the to of the cap and make a hole in it!

There is a serious implication to the above fault though. If this happens to you and water is dripping down the cable, then you must unplug the aerial cable from the television. If you do not, you could seriously damage your TV as well. This fault alomst definitely will require an aerial company to come out and give you an new aerial installation.

Why Bother To Repair Aerials?

Aerial Concepts can repair aerials where possible for you and hopefully save you money too.

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