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London Aerials For TV Aerial Reception

As we all know, London is a very large City indeed. Crystal Palace is by far the most used London aerial transmitter. Because London is so big, some TV aerials in London will use different aerial transmitters, where Crystal Palace is either blocked or obstructed. This can also be the case where signals are required for digital off the aerial, whether for television or radio.

London Aerial Contractors

Some Aerial Concepts engineers have been aerial contractors in London for over 30 years, long before digital and before satellite even. This means that Aerial Concepts hae vas and extensive local ‘London aerial installation’ knowledge. This for you means our engineers will know what the best value options are for you in your particular part o London.

London Aerial Directory

We have compiled a list of areas within London that hopefully will give you a better idea as to what the aerial or digital aerial reception is like. This is definitely not conscise at all. The postcode checker is also a good guideline, but again, is not an exact science. One London home may have great digital reception, next door literally, may have poor reception.

So these pages are designed as a guide only. One of the best guides is common sense. Look outside on your neighbours’ roofs. If the aerials look tall or elaborate, then the chances are that the reception area is not great. If the aerials look small, or you have trouble, there is a probability that the reception area is good.

This and the page links below are going to be constantly updated to try to keep you up to date with the facts as they become available. Please come back and re-visit this page for updated information.

London in detail

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